220mm PEI Coated Flexible Magnetic Build Plate


220mm x 220mm Flexible Magnetic Build Plate for Your 3D Printer

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220mm PEI Coated Flexible Magnetic Build Plate

  • 220mm x 220mm PEI coated flexible build plate
  • This is without doubt one of the best upgrades you can get for your 3D printer.
  • No more prying parts off your print bed, just remove the plate, give it a flex and you’ll hear your print release from the build surface.
  • The magnetic base is fitted with high quality 3M adhesive, just give your existing build surface a good clean with acetone and stick it down.
  • The flex plate is already fitted with quality PEI sheet, we’ve used them for over a year and not seen any loss of quality in the print sheet or magnetic base.

If you use a touch probe to level your bed, no adjustment should be required. If you use manual leveling you will need to take care and adjust your z endstop up by about 4mm. If you use an inductive probe you will need to adjust your z offset up about .2mm. Of course these settings are aproximate, make adjustments that suit your particular printer.

Watch a good install video here

Why calibrate your printer while you’re at it, check out our calculator here

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 cm