MaxzPrint All Alloy Silent 3D Printer


MaxzPrint All Alloy Silent 3D Printer


MaxzPrint  All Alloy is made in South Australia to precise standards, making it a world standard printer.

  • MaxzPrint All Alloy features a high power heated bed making it suitable for a wide range of filament types.
  • The mangnetic spring printing plate is coated with high quality PEI sheet, it makes print removal easy and quick.
  • Auto bed leveling and auto Z align are great features, supported by a 3DTouch sensor.
  • The screen is clear and it’s easy to use the Marlin commands with the rotary encoder input.
  • The extruder is a dual gear type with 3:1 reduction, this provides an even feed vastly reducing banding.
  • Featuring a SKR mainboard and Trinimatic silent step drivers, it’s silent and reliable.
  • The 3D Touch bed sensor is accurate and provides consistent bed leveling, set and forget.
  • The frame is made from Open Builds 2040 Vslot aluminium, providing a solid and square foundation for the printer.
  • The unit is powered by two seperate power bricks, 24 volt 8 amp and 12 volt 5 amp to give maximum heating performance.
  • The included SD card includes Prusaslicer portable and preconfigured profiles to get you setup and printing straight away.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 62 × 57 × 30 cm