M Codes

1.0.0-beta motion M0-M1 – Unconditional stop Stop and wait for user  1.1.2 controlSPINDLE_LASER_ENABLE M3 – Spindle CW / Laser On Set the spindle CW speed or laser power M4 – Spindle CCW / Laser On Set the spindle CCW speed or laser power M5 – Spindle / Laser Off Turn off spindle or laser  CoolantRead More

G Codes

1.0.0-beta motion G0-G1 – Linear Move Add a straight line movement to the planner G2-G3 – Arc or Circle Move Add an arc or circle movement to the planner G4 – Dwell Pause the planner  1.1.0 motion G5 – Bézier cubic spline Cubic B-spline with XYZE destination and IJPQ offsets  motionDIRECT_STEPPING G6 – Direct StepperRead More


The team at Marlin are constantly improving and adding features to Marlin firmware. The codes listed here were the latest we could find, we hope you find the list useful! Use these codes with a program such as Pronterface or the terminal in Octoprint to quickly and easily control and adjust your 3D printer