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M Codes

1.0.0-beta motion

M0-M1 – Unconditional stop

Stop and wait for user


M3 – Spindle CW / Laser On

Set the spindle CW speed or laser power

M4 – Spindle CCW / Laser On

Set the spindle CCW speed or laser power

M5 – Spindle / Laser Off

Turn off spindle or laser

 Coolant Controls

M7-M9 – Coolant Controls

Turn mist or flood coolant on / off


M16 – Expected Printer Check

Prevent G-code usage on the wrong machine


M17 – Enable Steppers

Enable steppers

M18, M84 – Disable steppers

Disable steppers (same as M84).


M20 – List SD Card

List the contents of the SD Card.

M21 – Init SD card

Attempt to detect an SD card in the slot.

M22 – Release SD card

Simulate ejection of the SD card

M23 – Select SD file

Select an SD file to be executed

M24 – Start or Resume SD print

Start or resume a file selected with [`M23`](/docs/gcode/M023.html)

M25 – Pause SD print

Pause printing from the SD card

M26 – Set SD position

Set the SD read position


M27 – Report SD print status

Print SD progress to serial


M28 – Start SD write

Start writing to a file on the SD card


M29 – Stop SD write

Stop writing the file, end logging.


M30 – Delete SD file

Delete a specified file from SD.


M31 – Print time

Report the current print time.


M32 – Select and Start

Begin an SD print from a file.


M33 – Get Long Path

Convert a short pathname to a long pathname.


M34 – SDCard Sorting

Set SDCard file sorting options.


M42 – Set Pin State

Set an analog or digital pin to a specified state.


M43 T – Toggle Pins

Get information about pins.


M43 – Debug Pins

Get information about pins.


M48 – Probe Accuracy Test

Measure Z Probe repeatability.


M73 – Set Print Progress

Set current print progress percentage for LCD.


M75 – Start Print Job Timer

Start the print job timer.


M76 – Pause Print Job

Pause the print job timer.


M77 – Stop Print Job Timer

Stop the print job timer.


M78 – Print Job Stats

Print statistics about print jobs.


M80 – Power On

Turn on the power supply


M81 – Power Off

Turn off the power supply.


M82 – E Absolute

Set E to absolute positioning.


M83 – E Relative

Set E to relative positioning.


M85 – Inactivity Shutdown

Set the inactivity timeout.


M92 – Set Axis Steps-per-unit

Set the number of steps-per-mm or steps-per-inch.


M100 – Free Memory

Observe memory used by code


M1000 – Internal Use Only

Resume from Power Loss


M1001 – Internal Use Only

Run SD Print Finishing Actions


M104 – Set Hotend Temperature

Set a new target hot end temperature.


M105 – Report Temperatures

Send a temperature report to the host.


M106 – Set Fan Speed

Turn on the fan and set its speed


M107 – Fan Off

Turn off a fan


M108 – Break and Continue

Break out of the current waiting loop


M109 – Wait for Hotend Temperature

Wait for the hot end to reach its target.


M110 – Set Line Number

Set the current line number.


M111 – Debug Level

Report and optionally set the debug flags.


M112 – Emergency Stop

Shut everything down and halt the machine.


M113 – Host Keepalive

Get or set the host keepalive interval.


M114 – Get Current Position

Report the current tool position to the host.


M115 – Firmware Info

Print the firmware info and capabilities.


M117 – Set LCD Message

Set the message line on the LCD.


M118 – Serial print

Send text to serial


M119 – Endstop States

Report endstop and probe states to the host.


M120 – Enable Endstops

Enable endstops and keep them enabled when not homing.


M121 – Disable Endstops

Disable endstops and keep them enabled when not homing.


M122 – TMC Debugging

Get TMC Debug Info


M125 – Park Head

Save current position and move to filament change position.


M126 – Baricuda 1 Open

Open the valve for Baricuda 1.


M127 – Baricuda 1 Close

Close the valve for Baricuda 1.


M128 – Baricuda 2 Open

Open the valve for Baricuda 2.


M129 – Baricuda 2 Close

Close the valve for Baricuda 2.


M140 – Set Bed Temperature

Set a new target bed temperature.


M141 – Set Chamber Temperature

Set a new target chamber temperature.


M145 – Set Material Preset

Set material presets in the LCD menu.


M149 – Set Temperature Units

Set temperature units to Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.


M150 – Set RGB(W) Color

Set the color of the RGB(W) LED, backlight, or LED strip.


M155 – Temperature Auto-Report

Auto-report temperatures to host periodically.


M163 – Set Mix Factor

Set a single mix factor for a mixing extruder.


M164 – Save Mix

Save the current mix as a virtual tool.


M165 – Set Mix

Set all mix factors for the mixing extruder.


M166 – Gradient Mix

Set a Gradient Mix


M190 – Wait for Bed Temperature

Wait for the bed to reach target temperature.


M191 – Wait for Chamber Temperature

Wait for the chamber to reach target temperature. calibrationPROBE_TEMP_COMPENSATION

M192 – Wait for Probe temperature

Wait for the probe temperature sensor to reach a target


M200 – Set Filament Diameter

Set the diameter for volumetric extrusion.


M201 – Set Print Max Acceleration

Set maximum acceleration for print moves one or more axes.


M203 – Set Max Feedrate

Set maximum feedrate for one or more axes.


M204 – Set Starting Acceleration

Set the starting acceleration for moves by type.


M205 – Set Advanced Settings

Set some advanced settings related to movement.


M206 – Set Home Offsets

Apply a persistent offset


M207 – Set Firmware Retraction

Set options for firmware-based retraction.


M208 – Firmware Recover

Firmware-retraction recover settings.


M209 – Set Auto Retract

Enable / disable auto-retraction.


M211 – Software Endstops

Set and/or get the software endstops state

 2.0.0 calibrationEXTRUDERS > 1

M217 – Filament swap parameters

Set length and speed for filament swapping


M218 – Set Hotend Offset

Set the offset of a hotend (from hotend 0).


M220 – Set Feedrate Percentage

Set the global feedrate percentage.


M221 – Set Flow Percentage

Set the flow percentage, which applies to all E moves.


M226 – Wait for Pin State

Wait for a pin to have a given state.


M240 – Trigger Camera

Trigger a camera shutter


M250 – LCD Contrast

Set and/or get the LCD contrast.


M260 – I2C Send

Send data to the I2C bus.


M261 – I2C Request

Request and echo bytes from the I2C bus.


M280 – Servo Position

Set or get a servo position.


M281 – Edit Servo Angles

Set servo deploy and/or stow angles

 1.1.7 calibrationBABYSTEPPING

M290 – Babystep

Babystep one or more axes


M300 – Play Tone

Play a single tone, buzz, or beep.


M301 – Set Hotend PID

Set PID values for a hotend.


M302 – Cold Extrude

Set minimum extrusion temperature, allow cold extrusion.


M303 – PID autotune

Auto-tune the PID system to find stable values.


M304 – Set Bed PID

Set PID values for the heated bed.

 thermaltemperature sensor `1000`

M305 – User Thermistor Parameters

Set (or report) custom thermistor parameters


M350 – Set micro-stepping

Set micro-stepping for drivers that support it


M351 – Set Microstep Pins

Directly set the micro-stepping pins


M355 – Case Light Control

Turn the case light on or off, set brightness


M360 – SCARA Theta A

Move to Theta A


M361 – SCARA Theta-B

Move to Theta-B


M362 – SCARA Psi-A

Move to Psi-A


M363 – SCARA Psi-B

Move to Psi-B


M364 – SCARA Psi-C

Move to Psi-C


M380 – Activate Solenoid



M381 – Deactivate Solenoids

Deactivate all extruder solenoids


M400 – Finish Moves

Wait for all moves to finish


M401 – Deploy Probe

Deploy the bed probe


M402 – Stow Probe

Stow the bed probe


M403 – MMU2 Filament Type

Set filament type for Multi-Material Unit 2.0


M404 – Set Filament Diameter

Set the nominal diameter for filament width sensor auto-flow


M405 – Filament Width Sensor On

Enable filament width sensor flow control


M406 – Filament Width Sensor Off

Disable filament width sensor flow control


M407 – Filament Width

Report the measured filament width


M410 – Quickstop

Stop all steppers instantly


M412 – Filament Runout

Enable / disable filament runout detection


M413 – Power-loss Recovery

Enable / disable power-loss recovery


M420 – Bed Leveling State

Get and/or set bed leveling state and parameters


M421 – Set Mesh Value

Set a single mesh Z height


M422 – Set Z Motor XY

Set a Z motor position for G34 Auto-Alignment


M425 – Backlash compensation

Enable and tune backlash compensation


M428 – Home Offsets Here

Set home offsets based on current position


M430 – Power Monitor

Read and display current (A), voltage (V), and power (W)


M486 – Cancel Objects

Identify and cancel objects


M500 – Save Settings

Save settings to EEPROM.


M501 – Restore Settings

Restore settings from EEPROM.


M502 – Factory Reset

Restore all settings to factory defaults.


M503 – Report Settings

Report all settings that may be saved to EEPROM.


M504 – Validate EEPROM contents

Validate the contents of the EEPROM. securityPASSWORD_FEATURE

M510 – Lock Machine

Lock the machine if it has a passcode securityPASSWORD_FEATURE

M511 – Unlock Machine

Unlock the machine if it has a passcode securityPASSWORD_FEATURE

M512 – Set Passcode

Set a numeric passcode for locking the machine

 2.0.0 sdcardSDSUPPORT

M524 – Abort SD print

Abort an SD print started with [`M24`](/docs/gcode/M024.html)


M540 – Endstops Abort SD

Abort SD printing when an endstop is triggered.

 2.0.0 noneTMC2130|TMC2208|TMC2209

M569 – Set TMC stepping mode

Toggle stealthChop

 2.0.0 hostsBAUD_RATE_GCODE

M575 – Serial baud rate

Change the serial baud rate


M600 – Filament Change

Automatically change filament


M603 – Configure Filament Change

Configure automatic filament change parameters


M605 – Dual Nozzle Mode

Set the behavior mode for dual nozzles


M665 – SCARA Configuration

Set SCARA geometry values


M665 – Delta Configuration

Set delta geometry values


M666 – Set dual endstop offsets

Set dual endstop offsets


M666 – Set Delta endstop adjustments

Set Delta endstop adjustments


M672 – Test Speed Warning

Set/clear Duet Smart Effector sensitivity


M701 – Load filament

Load filament


M702 – Unload filament

Unload filament thermalCONTROLLER_FAN_EDITABLE

M710 – Controller Fan settings

Set or report controller fan settings


M7219 – MAX7219 Control

Control Max7219 Segmented LEDs


M808 – Repeat Marker

Set or go to a marker for looping G-code


M810-M819 – G-code macros

Set/execute one of ten G-code macros


M851 – XYZ Probe Offset

Set the Z probe XYZ offset from nozzle


M852 – Bed Skew Compensation

Misalignment in the XYZ axes.

 1.0.0-beta encoderI2C_POSITION_ENCODERS

M860-M869 – I2C Position Encoders

I2C position encoders for closed loop control


M871 – Probe temperature config

Configure probe temperature compensation


M876 – Handle Prompt Response

Handle Host prompt responses


M900 – Linear Advance Factor

Get and set Linear Advance K value


M906 – TMC Motor Current

Set the motor current (in milliamps)


M907 – Set Motor Current

Set motor current via digital trimpot


M908 – Set Trimpot Pins

Set a digital trimpot directly


M909 – DAC Print Values

Report DAC current values to host


M910 – Commit DAC to EEPROM

Commit digipot/DAC value to external EEPROM


M911 – TMC OT Pre-Warn Condition

Driver overtemperature pre-warn condition


M912 – Clear TMC OT Pre-Warn

Clear overtemperature pre-warn condition flag


M913 – Set Hybrid Threshold Speed

TMC driver switching to spreadCycle


M914 – TMC Bump Sensitivity

Set sensorless homing sensitivity


M915 – TMC Z axis calibration

Align ends of the Z axis and test torque


M916 – L6474 Thermal Warning Test

Find L6474 drive level (KVAL_HOLD) threshold


M917 – L6474 Overcurrent Warning Test

Find L6474 minimum current thresholds


M918 – L6474 Speed Warning Test

Find L6474 speed threshold


M928 – Start SD Logging

Log serial input to an SD file


M951 – Magnetic Parking Extruder

Set / report Magnetic Parking Extruder settings


M993-M994 – SD / SPI Flash

load or back up SPI Flash and SD


M995 – Touch Screen Calibration

Touch screen calibration for TFT display

 2.0.0 control

M997 – Firmware update

Perform in-application firmware update


M999 – STOP Restart

Return the machine to Running state


T0-T6 – Select Tool Switch to the specified tool