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Wiring an Inductive Probe Sensor


Wiring diagram for NPN Inductive probe running 6-36 Volts

Probe Wiring

No doubt you’ve seen posts using resistors with these probes, we found it makes your probe unreliable, we prefer the 5.1 volt Zener diode method as shown above.

**Important** play close attention to the colour codes, these probes use international colour designations.

The signal wire from the probe is black and goes to the green end stop connector via the Zener diode, this limits the output of the probe to 5.1 volts. Pay close attention to the orientation of the Zener – yes the band on the Zener points TO THE PROBE.

The blue wire from the probe is ground and goes to the black ground end stop wire.

You might be thinking why not pick up voltage from end stop pin 3? – because it’s only 5 volts and these probes need at least 6 volts and work best at 12 – 24 volts. Connect the brown wire from your probe to the +volt supply of your printer, usually from an auxiliary connector. You can pick up 12/24 volts directly from your power supply output if you prefer, but double check the voltage first.

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What Does a 3D Printer Do?

Whenever I talk about 3D printing people are always really interested, but they always ask “What can a 3D printer do?”

I’ve created this example from start to finish, hope you enjoy it. Maxz 🙂 


I really hate bending down to get the dishwashing liquid out from the cupboard, it would be really nice to have it just here.

Measure up

Measuring time!


Time to hit the cad program, I know 123D is old but it’s a really solid CAD for simple things like this.

HP Z440

I’ll never get used to the complete silence of my HP workstation!

Plain Shape

Create a simple box.

Hollow it out

Hollow it out with Ctrl J


Add some mounting tabs.


Send it off to the printer.


Now it’s just a wait while the printer lays the plastic down.

Finished Tray

Here it is! A perfectly sized try to hold the diswashing liquid.


A couple of screws and the job is done. Did it take a while? About 15 minutes to design it, the printer did take a while to create it but i was off doing something else. I hope this shows some of the possibilities with 3D printing!