Easily convert STL files into solid STEP files.

STL to Solid FreeCAD Converting is a cinch in FreeCAD. Source: Benjamin Goldschmidt / All3DP A free alternative with which you can convert STL files to STEP files is FreeCAD, a downloadable CAD program. First, you need to bring your STL file into FreeCAD. Hit File -> Open and select your STL file. Once open, ensure that you have TreeRead More

3D touch V3.0 Install instructions

3D touch V3.0 Install instructions 3D touch is a reliable lower cost alternative to Bltouch. The first thing you’ll notice is the wiring colours are different to bltouch, other versions and brands of 3D touch. You can usually find the pinout marked on the printed circuit board of your 3d touch, you may need toRead More

Wiring an Inductive Probe Sensor

Wiring diagram for NPN Inductive probe running 6-36 Volts No doubt you’ve seen posts using resistors with these probes, we found it makes your probe unreliable, we prefer the 5.1 volt Zener diode method as shown above. **Important** play close attention to the colour codes, these probes use international colour designations. The signal wire fromRead More