Creality Ender 3 Ender 5 and CR10 Hotend Repair

Creality Ender 3 Ender 5 and CR10 Hotend Repair, Understanding how to troubleshoot and repair your Creality 3D printer hot end is an important skill to ensure your printer continues to run consistently and produce quality results. This article takes a deep dive into the standard Creality hot end, looking at how the hot endRead More

Easily convert STL files into solid STEP files.

STL to Solid FreeCAD Converting is a cinch in FreeCAD. Source: Benjamin Goldschmidt / All3DP A free alternative with which you can convert STL files to STEP files is FreeCAD, a downloadable CAD program. First, you need to bring your STL file into FreeCAD. Hit File -> Open and select your STL file. Once open, ensure that you have TreeRead More

Silk Look PLA Filament

Hello3D Silk PLAs produce impressive prints that are shiny and seemingly a bit translucent, giving them both the feel and look of being covered in silk. With this kind of filament, there’s no need to paint such prints, due to their natural appearance. Hello3D “silk” filaments are enhanced PLA filaments, owing their glossy result toRead More

New Filament Stocks Just Arrived

Silky Filaments in a wide range of colours, gives a stunning finish to your designs, Silky Silver-Grey finishes chrome like, while colours like Silky Green, Silky Blue and Copper like are simply stunning. Fresh stocks of regular PLA colours, ABS, ASA and PETG have also landed.

Big Tree Tech TFT Stop Print Issue

BTT TFT70 If you use one of these screens, including the 24,35 or 50, and have recently updated the firmware, you’ll find that using the stop button during a print brings up a hung screen displaying “Loading” that can only escape by resetting your printer. The fix is relatively easy, you’ll need to open theRead More

3D touch V3.0 Install instructions

3D touch V3.0 Install instructions 3D touch is a reliable lower cost alternative to Bltouch. The first thing you’ll notice is the wiring colours are different to bltouch, other versions and brands of 3D touch. You can usually find the pinout marked on the printed circuit board of your 3d touch, you may need toRead More